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API’s Individual Certification Programs (ICP) is happy to announce that they have added an additional testing window for the API 1169 Pipeline Inspector certification exam:

• January 28 – February 9, 2017
• Application deadline is November 19, 2016

You may view the entire 2017 exam schedule
Cleveland Integrity Services offers clients a complete range of services to assist in the construction and Implementation of pipeline, refinery, power plant and Mechanical Integrity projects. These services are dedicated to successfully converting conceptual plans to safe operating facilities based on the field engineering, construction management, and inspection skills of the field staff. The scope of these services range from planning and estimating to surveying, development, management, inspection, startup, and commissioning. We have the capability and experience to assume total responsibility for all these functions, or to staff specific assignments needed to meet client requirements that represent part of a broader effort. We believe our proven methodologies, experience and selection of seasoned professionals with established track records demonstrate the capability of Cleveland Integrity Services to organize, manage and execute a construction management and inspection services program.

Cleveland Integrity Services is a resourceful and highly flexible organization, large enough to provide services in any part of the world. Our services can be utilized singularly or in combination to meet specific needs appropriate to the project. We are able to staff one person assignment all the way up to projects requiring hundreds of staff.

Cleveland Integrity Services provides people of quality to provide ethical and timely service at a reasonable cost. CIS personnel can handle the more complex construction management and inspection problems found in today’s construction environment. CIS professionals provide the backbone for contract personnel programs designed to satisfy client short-term skilled work force needs. Most of all they can and will represent your company the way you would.

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